Return from HBL ‘Learning Plus’ & ‘Wellbeing Plus’

The Return to School Roadmap is that Kinder and Year 1 return on Monday 18 October and the remainder of students return the following Monday 25 October. We are so excited for all of our students to return and are well aware that we need to prepare for their educational, social and emotional needs in a COVID safe environment.

Learning Plus Program

Educationally our teachers will focus on three key learning areas for the remainder of the term:

We have already commenced what we call the Learning Plus Program, a program to support all students academically in English, reviewing the work completed during home learning, assessing their progress and level of achievement, teaching from their point of need and planning the next step in the learning for each student. Learning Plus is for every child, a small group program led by a classroom or specialist teacher.

Wellbeing Plus Program

Teachers are also planning for assisting children emotionally and socially. Every afternoon all classes will focus on connection and belonging to the classroom, expressing their experiences of lockdown, validating a range of emotions, prioritising play and socialising. This will assist children in reconnecting, making friends and emotional regulation.

Returning to school after a long time learning from home can be a big adjustment for many students and parents. There are some wonderful resources to help support this process.

Return to School Wellbeing Newsletter Information for Parents on Transition Back to School Returning to School - how to help your child Helping Children Transition Back to School in the COVID-19 era - Australian Psychological Society Social Story - a story to help explain how returning to school after lockdown may be different Practical Parenting in a Pandemic - Maggie Dent Webinar CatholicCare Support for Catholic Schools Broken Bay Families 5 Myths About Social-Emotional Learning Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800

Covid Safe Return

QR codes, social distancing and masks are still required for staff and any visitor to the office. Parents are not permitted onsite, these restrictions however may change before return dates are reached. The school continues to be cleaned twice a day.

At Sacred Heart to enable a safe return for students and staff to school:
• it is recommended that students wear masks but they are not compulsory
• all staff will wear masks
• parents will drop and collect children at Kiss and Ride or at the front gate
• staggered return year groups as per roadmap
• vaccinations for staff as per Public Health Order
• strict personal hygiene and social distancing
• canteen and library are permitted to open
• school hygienist continues
• band continues online
• assembly will be through the PA system in the office
• school performances, gala days, excursions and P&F activities will not be permitted at this stage

Dr Nick Coatsworth discusses COVID in schools and children’s resistance levels, at the Catholic Schools NSW 2021 Virtual Education Law Symposium. He breaks down risk and transmission in an easy, informative and practical way.

Dr Nick Coatsworth discusses COVID in schools and children's resistance levels, at Catholic Schools 2021 Virtual Educational Law Symposium