Student Engagement

Our students are encouraged to participate in Parish life through engagement and in practical terms.

Mini Vinnies

We believe in demonstrating how valuable charitable works can contribute to those less fortunate than ourselves and we provide a number of opportunities for students to be engaged, such as our Mini Vinnies team.  Members meet regularly to plan school activities and opportunities throughout the year.  Events held are:

  • Fundraising for Caritas during Lent;
  • Collecting tinned food for the Parish Christmas Appeal;
  • A “Sleep Out” whereby the students gather in the school Hall one evening during winter and create their own “shelter” from cardboard;
  • Collecting donations of warm clothes, shoes and personal items.

Altar Service

Students are encouraged to become Altar Servers for our Parish.  This is a very rewarding and reverent duty available to any students who have completed their sacraments.  Our Religious Education Coordinator can assist you with information and the school liaises with the Parish for Altar Service training each year.