Broken Bay Catholic School Parents

The Broken Bay Catholic School Parents (BBCSP) represents all parents of children attending Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay. It is the official body recognised by the Bishop and Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) to represent and support the participation of all parents & carers in our Catholic School communities and strengthen the important partnership between parents & school.

2024 CSP Rep TBC

There is also an annual leadership dinner for CSP representatives, P&F executives and Principals. This is also attended by some Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) staff and provides an opportunity for all stakeholders in parent engagement to collaborate.

By developing and providing resources to assist parents in their leadership roles within their school community, we are encouraging the proactive involvement of ALL parents in Catholic Schools and Parish Communities.

The Broken Bay Catholic School Parents organises and hosts a series of Parent Seminars throughout the year which are highly informative and practical on a large range of topics at no cost.

Visit the BBCSP website : Review the Catholic Schools Broken Bay Sustaining Strong Catholic School Communities Policy