Year 6 Leadership

Leadership skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

At Sacred Heart, we help our students develop leadership skills through formal leadership roles and practical leadership experiences.

Leadership roles at Sacred Heart include:

  • School Captains (one girl and one boy)
  • Vice Captains (one girl and one boy)
  • Liturgy Captains (girls and/or boys)
  • Student Representative Council Captains (girls and/or boys)
  • Environment Captains (girls and/or boys)
  • Sports Colour House Captains (one boy and one girl for each colour house)

Other roles our senior students take on include:

  • Tech Team
  • Library Monitors
  • Sandpit Monitors
  • Kindy Buddy Program

All year 6 students are “seniors” in their final year and proudly wear their senior badge.