With the support of our Parents and Friends Association we are spending time and money to ensure Information Technology is an integral part of learning in each primary classroom.


Classrooms are 21st Century learning spaces with a variety of technologies including iPads, laptops, desktops and interactive whiteboards.

Every parent and child must sign a declaration agreeing to acceptable use of technology at school. Students need to be aware that all internet usage is monitored and that breaches are reported to the CSO.

The school’s 21st Century vision for learning is supported by the use of iPads.  It is optional for students in years 4-6 to bring their own devices from home to school, with the specifications as required by the school.  Each classroom has a number of iPads for student use available.

The use of technology in the classroom enables students to be creative, collaborative, connected, critical thinkers, problem solvers to make our world a better place.

BYODD Program - iPad Implementation for 2022