Our staff are complimented by many parent, community and grandparent volunteers who provide invaluable support in class and at our many school events.

Our dedicated staff support the students and their families in their learning journey.
Our 2024 staff includes:

Jamie Wahab
Monique Johnston
Assistant Principal
Skye Nolan-Brown
Religious Education Coordinator
5Blue Teacher (M,T,W,F)
Suzy Driscoll
Instructional Coach
Taylor Helm
KBlue Teacher
Brooke Miller
KGreen Teacher
 Janelle Pitcher
1Blue Teacher (Th/F)
Jemma Satchell
1Blue Teacher (M-W)
Aleisha Fox
1Green Teacher (M-Th)
Jess Turner
1Green Teacher (F)
Alison Thornton
2Blue Teacher (T-F)
Ben Shultz
2Green Teacher
Trish Gibson
3Blue Teacher
Sam Slack
3Green Teacher
Cara Appleton
4Blue Teacher
Madison Paul
4Green Teacher
Michelle Kerr
5Blue Teacher (Th)
Megan Mitford
5Green Teacher
Louise De Bressac
6Blue Teacher (T-Fr)
Siobhan Butler
6Blue Teacher (M)
Steph Munro
6Green Teacher
Crisi Tanev
Library Administrator
Courtney Orman
Inquiry Based Learning Teacher
Vlada Stojanov
Inquiry Based Learning Teacher
Susan Rudd
Music and Drama Teacher
Charlotte Colman
Physical Education Teacher
Lauren Cahill
Diverse Learning Teacher
Maryanne Kelly
Diverse Learning Teacher

2Blue Teacher (M)
Cathy Doyle
Teacher Assistant
Jane Lhuede
Teacher Assistant
Hannah Coghlan
Teacher Assistant
Georgia Shearer
Teacher Assistant
Kath McCamey
Parent Engagement Coordinator
Rebecca Berrell
School Marketing Officer
Carol Bartlett
Senior Administration Officer 
Karen Calleia
Administration Assistant
Kay Neale
Canteen Manager
Angela Stewart
School Counsellor