Learning Support / Gifted Education

Programs are differentiated for students at Sacred Heart.  A variety of teacher identification and assessment tools are used by the learning support and classroom teachers to identify children in need, or children who require extension.

The Learning Support staff work closely with the teachers to ensure that all students are able to access the curriculum, be supported with their behaviour and social development. The learning support staff support teachers with individual education plans or adjustment plans for students with needs.

At Sacred Heart our Learning Support team in consultation with specialists and parents, develop IEP’s for funded students and adjustment plans for other students with needs.

We facilitate specialist programs such as the CHILL Program and Seasons for Growth if necessary.

Learning support programs occur within the classroom using an inclusive model of education and support.

Our Gifted Education program at Sacred Heart involves classroom teachers developing programs that extend a student’s thinking and abilities within the classroom context.  Students are identified and tracked throughout the year using a variety of tools such as surveys, standardised assessments and observation.

Extra activities are also available such as Gateways, UNSW Computer, Science, Maths, English, Writing Competitions, Research Groups, Chess, Debating and the Maths Olympiad.